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Most Breathtaking Landmarks in France

Published on July 23, 2017 | by Marie Nieves

France is an exceptionally diverse country that features stunning landscapes of lavender fields, meandering rivers, majestic towering mountains and enchanting architectural monuments. Whether you want to explore sleepy medieval villages and towns, get to know vibrant urban metropolises or take... Read the rest


5 Parisian Life Hacks you need to know!

Published on October 21, 2016 | by Andrea Guerriero

Paris is one of the must-see cities of the modern world. Its iconic architecture, museums, restaurants and shops, allied to that incomparable sense of chic, make it somewhere that you simply have to savour for yourself. Paris rocks, but like... Read the rest


A Pregnant Woman’s Guide To Paris

Published on November 25, 2015 | by Andrea Guerriero

It is universally accepted that Paris is one of the beautiful cities in the world; full to the brim with architectural masterpieces, internationally renowned restaurants and distinguished museums of cultural importance. Consequently, it is no surprise that this breathtaking city... Read the rest


20 Interesting Facts About The Louvre

Published on May 18, 2015 | by Andrea Guerriero

The Louvre is not only the largest museum in the world, but also one of the most esteemed. Arguably it’s Paris’ most visited attraction as it sees over 9.3 million visitors a year – which is no mean feat. Its... Read the rest


Family friendly holidays in the Lot region – France

Published on April 2, 2015 | by Mark Bishop

Lot in south-west France offers a broad array of sights and activities for intrepid families looking for an adventurous holiday abroad. The region features beautiful landscapes, ancient caves, enchanting forests, magical castles and ruins set near idyllic towns and villages.... Read the rest


Child-friendly museums in Paris

Published on September 26, 2012 | by Daniela

Paris, the romantic capital of the world, has something to offer families traveling with children too! The city’s gardens, the many child-friendly hotels, fun pic-nics in the park… even kids can have a good time in Paris. Moreover, there are... Read the rest


A trip to the Palace of Versailles

Published on February 17, 2012 | by Elena

If you’re in Paris for a week or more, why not take a day trip to see some sites beyond the City of Lights? And why not one of France’s major landmarks? Versailles has been the capital of the kingdom... Read the rest


Suggested itineraries in Paris: Champs-Élysées

Published on October 10, 2011 | by Andrea Guerriero

There is something special in Paris’ atmosphere in autumn. By the beginning of September, something changes, suddenly the air becomes crisp and fresh. The sun still shines in the sky and it’s warm enough to be comfortable in summer dresses,... Read the rest

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