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5 Golf Courses Around the World That You Must Visit

Published on March 29, 2018 | by Andrea Guerriero

If you’re an avid golfer, then you may have played on a few different golf courses. If you’re looking for places to play next, then we’ve got the comprehensive list of the world’s best golf courses. Check them out below.... Read the rest


The NFL is coming to town (this October)

Published on September 26, 2017 | by Andrea Guerriero

The American National Football League, or NFL for short, has been steadily gaining popularity and exposure in other parts of the world beside the USA. With fans of the sport surfacing in every corner of the world, it was only... Read the rest


The 5 Most Beautiful Stadiums of Euro 2016

Published on July 1, 2016 | by Andrea Guerriero

Beautiful stadiums. Ha. Of course you don’t connect the two ideas, because if you’re a die-hard football fan, you never notice the surroundings- just the game. And if you love architecture, you tend to look at antiqued buildings- not stadiums.... Read the rest


XC Skiing, not just skiing

Published on February 19, 2013 | by Daniela

Cross-country skiing is one of the most popular of all winter sports. The main difference with downhill skiing is that you use longer, thinner and lighter skis to dash and wind between snow-dusted pines and silent forests on the hundreds... Read the rest


Summer Olympic Games: how has London changed?

Published on June 15, 2012 | by Daniela

The United Kingdom’s capital will host the 2012 Olympics, one of the most important sports events in the world. The 2012 Summer Olympic Games, are scheduled to take place in London, from 27 July to 12 August 2012, followed by... Read the rest


Avignon Motor Festival: vintage cars and much more

Published on March 20, 2012 | by Elena

Avignon, set on the Rhone River, is one of the three major cities of Provence, along with Arles and Marseille, and was selected “European City of Culture” in 2000. But despite the wonderful beauties it treasures – including the famous... Read the rest

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