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The Perfect Holiday in England for Every Football Fan

It’s been 4 months now that the Barclays Premier League has been on and the table is getting even more competitive as the games pile on. English football is the most watched in the world both live as well on TV. Every week, the 20 clubs take each other on to improve their performance from the previous week and the entire season overall. Obviously, these games all take place in England which is right now the perfect place to be during the holiday season. So, if you have plans to travel this month, we have compiled a list of experiences every “Football Fan” should never miss out on their travels.

Tour the Wembley Stadium

What better way to get your holiday started than by visiting the biggest stadium in the country’s history? Yes, that’s right. Tour Wembley and relive all the glory days of the International side as well as the clubs that won big finals on its lush pitch. In the tour, you can check out the changing room of the English team. Feel like Gerrard or Rooney while you click photos inside the changing rooms. Walk through the tunnel and on to the pitch like the players do and lift the replica of the FA Cup. Feel like a Champion in one of the most iconic stadiums in the world.


Watching a Live Match

“When in Rome, Do As The Romans Do”. If your dream was to sit at the Stretford End in Old Trafford, make it a reality by getting tickets to watch the game you want to. If you thought watching a match at a sports bar was exciting, watching it live is a whole new feeling. Emotions run loose when you see yourself sitting among the thousands of fans (some of which you might have seen on television), cheering your favourite team on as they race towards the ultimate goal: Champions! For all Chelsea fans, this is probably the worst time to visit England. With their current position in the league (14th in case you didn’t know or just to remind you “Blue” fans), and the constantly worsening state of their play, it wouldn’t be a shocker if they get relegated. If that does happen, I know a few million people who would be happier than a kid getting an Xbox for Christmas.


Visit a Football Museum

Around the country, there are many football museums that store some of the biggest memorabilia from England’s past. The biggest clubs and the biggest players have all their records saved in these museums. From trophy replicas, to boots and jerseys of famous events and even newspaper cuttings from the biggest matches ever played. The biggest museums are located in Manchester named National Football Museum and the one outside England is located in Scotland called Hampden Park. Travellers can get from England to Scotland very easily. 


Dine Out at Bars Dedicated to Clubs

When you are walking through the streets of England, you will notice one thing and that is there is no scarcity of pubs and bars. But apart from the local pubs, there are many football club dedicated pubs that are usually named after the club. From the outside to the interiors, these pubs showcase all the important memories of the team and the most iconic players of the club. For example, the Manchester United Bar (because I am a United fan), has a smokers section that sports replica seats that are seen on in the Old Trafford stadium. Even the plates and glasses are dedicated to the team. The one thing these pubs are very strict about is that they will not allow a person wearing another jersey, especially a rival, into the pub.


The Ultimate: Playing a Match in Your Team’s Stadium

Watching your team play live is one thing, watching them play and beat the closest rivals is another and you playing on the same pitch your favourite team plays on a whole other level. But it is possible. Stadium Dream is an event planning organization that has packages that get you a chance to play a complete 11 – aside match in any of the stadiums you choose. It costs quite a bit but it is definitely worth it. The feeling of just standing in the centre of the ground and looking around you is more than enough to get your heart racing. Sadly, these games are only organized during the summer, when the clubs are not playing regular season football. What’s more is that you get your very own jersey and a chance to meet a club legend and have a talk with him face to face. What more can you ask for as a football fan? Unbelievable experience guaranteed.

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