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5 free things to do in Copenhagen

The Danish capital offers visitors many opportunities both for leisure and entertainment and cultural, from a simple stroll in the gardens of Tivoli to the shopping along the avenues of Strøget, Frederiksberggade, and Vimmelskaftet, to visit the countless museums.

Copenhagen is on average more expensive than Italy, so it may be interesting to find some way to spend less or even nothing, without losing the best of the Danish capital.

1. City tour by bike

At a price of zero it is possible to rent a bicycle offered by the system called “Bycyklen”. It is a bit like the shopping carts at the supermarket: in a bicycle parking you only have to put a coin into the slot to “liberate”’ a bike. When you want to return it, just as for the truck, you can give back the bike in the special stores around the city, taking back the coin. But these bikes are used in enclosed areas (the entire centre, the area called Voldene): outside those areas there is the risk, if identified, to pay a fine.

2. The old Danish rural life

In Lyngby, a suburb of Copenhagen, there is a famous open air museum, the Frilandsmuseet, that in over 90 acres has a perfect reconstruction of rural life in the villages of the nineteenth century. Here, have been reproduced the villages with the old traditional buildings, fully furnished of furniture and utensils. Furthermore, especially on Sunday, several people in costumes reproduce glimpses of daily life, work in camps, in shops and craft workshops. The museum entrance is free.

3. Free entrance at the National History Museum of Denmark

In Prinsens Palais in Ny Vestergade, a historic eighteenth century building, near the main street of Copenhagen, the Strøget, there is the National Museum, with its collections of artifacts and traces the history of Denmark since remote until the present day. The museum is on three floors and offers a great selection of pottery, weapons, jewelry, boats and anything else to retrace the history from the Eskimos to the Vikings. Here there is a famous comb with important runic inscriptions. The museum entrance is free.

4. Free Museums on Wednesday

It has become a tradition for several years that in some days of the week, the museums of the city are open free to the public. Initiative that is more than commendable to attract young people to culture and to save tourists money. Even because there are several interesting and unusual museums in Copenhagen. The Carlsberg Glyptotek, originally a plaster cast (collection of objects and plaster casts), which is now a museum of Egyptian, Greek, Etruscan, Roman, but also of impressionist painting. Still on Wednesday, a large number of museum open their halls free: the Statens Museum for Kunst (State Museum of Art), the Hirschsprung Collection, the Tøjhusmuseet (Royal Arsenal Museum) and many others. On other days, for example on Friday, the Københavns Bymuseum (Museum of the City of Copenhagen) is open free.

5. Free beer for all

The free tour of Copenhagen can only end at the Carlsberg Visitor Centre, the centre for visitors to the Carlsberg brewery. The museum is located in the Valby district, containing over to the history of the house of Danish beer Carlsberg, also a real history of beer, its processing, raw materials, malt and hops, with stories about the most famous brewers in the world. Some days, in addition to entry free, there is the free tasting of different types of beer.

To spend less

To spend much less, it is possible to purchase on arrival at the airport or station the Copenhagen Card. It is a simple card that offers many benefits including free travel on public transport, free admission to over 60 museums and discounts of 10 -15% in restaurants and clubs. There are two kinds of Copenhagen Card, the first is admitted for 24 hours and the latter 72 hours, respectively at 30 and 60 euros.

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Photo of the Nyhavn by nagillum

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