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Sea and mountains – the great nature show in Aquitaine

Aquitaine: from the Atlantic to the Pyrenees, a great variety of environments: famous vineyards – from which is produced one of the most famous wines in the world, the Bordeaux – endless dunes, forests, mountains, lakes, surf meccas – how not to mention the famous Roxy Jam Women’s World Longboard Championships in Biarritz.

Bordered on the west coast by the Atlantic Ocean, Aquitaine boasts a mild oceanic climate also thanks to the influence of the Gulf Stream. 250 Kilometres of coastline lined with ocean boating harbors and seaside resorts plus 500 Kilometres of shores alongside the lakes and Estuaries. A huge leisure area where anything is possible, where you can practice lots of sports – such as surfing and sailing, of course, but also cycling, thanks to the presence of a massive network of cycling tracks.

Many nature reserves can be visited on the coastline of Aquitaine, such as Le Teich Ornithological Park in the Bay of Arcachon or Marais D’Orx Nature Reserve in the Southern Land. Oceanside is also a way of life, with its festivities, trades, crafts, and gastronomy. In a few words: Aquitaine suites every taste!

Not only does Aquitaine have the Atlantic Ocean with its mild weather, but it is also bordered to the south by a vast range of mountains: the Pyrenees, one of the jewels of this region. Pyrenean Aquitaine is ideal for fishing, white-water canoeing, well-being in the spa towns and hiking through unique landscapes.

From the Rhune in the west of the Basque Country, to the south of the Col du Pourtalet of Pau at the foot of the Pic d’Ossau, in Aquitaine the Pyrenees stretch over more than 110 Kilometres, with fantastic places just waiting to be discovered. Here you can enjoy pleasant walks and hikes, along with lakes and rapids much appreciated by fishermen and white-water sports enthusiasts. And speaking of white, on the Pyrenees from November to April you will find plenty of fun at the ski resorts, which are constantly improving their facilities to provide winter sports with something for everyone.

Aquitaine is also famous for cities like Bordeaux, declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Biarritz, the imperial city, Pau, with its stunning castles. Lastly, we should not overlook the presence of parks and gardens all over Aquitaine, both contemporary and traditional, from the spectacular Hautefort Castle Gardens in Dordogne, to the Jardin Botanique de Bordeaux, from the Parc du Domaine de Grenade – in the Gironde, to the Parc Beaumont in Pau.

Sea and mountains in Aquitaine, in a place where nature is the background to architectural wonders, art and gastronomy.

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