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Prague the city of greed

7 cities for 7 deadly sins. Prague: the greed.

Greed is the lack of willingness to spend his own. Usually it accompanies the desire for others to spend to get what miser want. In short, if you offer the luxury to a miser and you don’t let him to pay, you make a person happy.

In Prague this can happen more often. Prague is able to offer the tourist who they kindly call “thrifty” an artistic and culinary luxury and a high-level welcome at prices really low, or, as they say, low cost.

Prague is the city of Kafka and the Castle, accessible in all its beauty with few euros. It is the city of the Malá Strana and Stare Mesto historic neighborhoods, where those who want to buy valuable souvenirs can find small shops of artisans of glass and wood. But Prague means also discos (Karlovy Lazne, close to Charles Bridge, is the largest in Central Europe, where the entrance costs less than ten euros), 3 or 4 star hotels in the so-called zone 1 (Old Town, Castle and Lesser Town) where you can sleep in historic rooms for less than 50 euros per night, and finally, Prague means restaurants, taverns and pubs where, in addition to good beer of the old continent, it is possible to eat pork roast always accompanied by various side dishes with 15/20 euro all inclusive. In short, a city for thrifty tourists, for families and kids who want even over a weekend to visit one of the most beautiful cities in Europe by spending very little.

Greed is a specter that is haunting the entire city of Prague

The ghost of a miser woman roams for centuries around the church of St. Jan Na Pradle in Malá Strana. When she was alive, she mocked the spectrum of a monk who tormented her all nights asking for money. One night the penny-pinching gave him a counterfeit currency and since that moment she was forced to wander with the figure of counterfeit currency imprinted on her forehead. In the beautiful astronomical clock of the Old Town Hall, every hour a mechanism put in motion a medieval set of figures: the first to come out are the twelve apostles, but also the figures flanking the dial are in motion. This is the representation of deadly sins: death (skeleton), the turkish (lust), the character with the mirror (lust), and the traveler with the bag, which represent just greed. And what about the Golden Lane, inside the castle walls, the alley of the alchemist, where for centuries the yearning of man tried, perhaps unsuccessfully but it is not certain, to transform the iron into the most precious metal? Greed and yearning often go hand in hand: who separates readily from the fruit of a desire of possess?

Prague Low cost

Trip. Reaching Prague is really cheap. There are several low cost airlines leading to the Ruzyne airport, located about ten miles west of the city centre. From Milan and Rome with a few dozens of euros (plus additionally classic tax) depart daily flights to the Czech capital. Find your low cost flight to Prague

Sleep. Prague has got hotels and pensions of all categories, from the luxury of 5 stars hotels to the cheapest B&B. Unfortunately, it is not anymore alive the little tradition of the really cheap family run pensions that characterized the city until a couple of decades ago, but there are solutions really cheap also outside the historic centre, in the areas of Prague 2 and 3, around the major arteries to the east as Vinohradska, Serfertova, Prokopova, Kenova, or to the south as the Nuselsky Most and the Kvetna. Even in the centre, however it is possible to spend relatively little in two or three stars pensions. See all the available hotels in Prague.

Eat. Even in the old town it is possible to eat on a budget. In general, if you decide to go in restaurants in the central squares or in those of the hotels, eating in Prague gives great satisfaction both in terms of taste and expenditure: the meat dishes, always accompanied by side dishes of potatoes and sauerkraut (do not blunder to ask for more contours), are rich and nourishing, while the thick soups or the goulash dishes have prices that do not exceed 5/10 euros.

Some breweries also offer hot food and among the most famous and historical there are: U Černého vola (Loretánské náměstí 1), U Zlatého tygra (Husova 17, near the academy of music), U Fleků (Kfiemencova 11) and Auteru (Palackého).

Photo of the astronomical clock by historiasdeleste


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