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Published on May 21, 2018 | by Andrea Guerriero


Best Travel Destinations for Foodies

People travel the world for a number of reasons, and experiencing different cultures and food is always one of them. There is always a unique and exciting feeling to be in a completely new place and interact with people you have never met and also eat certain foods you have never imagined existed in this world. The good news is that with the cultural diversity around the globe, you will never be able to sample every dish and every drink available in all the regions. If you desire to travel and you love food, here are a few suggestions about some of the places that will never disappoint you when it comes to eat.


Croatia is perhaps known as being a former Ottoman Empire and it is conveniently located between central Europe and Italy. The country has a reputation of having a rich history and to be home to some of the most attractive tourist sites in Europe… but it is also a foodie’s haven for those who love to eat. The culinary diversity in this region matches none and you are always assured of a variety to eat and drink. Most of their cuisines feature cheeses, meat, beer, fruit spirits, and noodles. For a taste of strong local foods, you should visit Istria, which borders both Italy and Slovenia and is known to have the best delicacies of seafood, mushrooms, prosciutto, and truffles that you will gladly enjoy washing down with cold wines and spirits.


Every time you hear about Italian foods, you will instantly start salivating when you think about your beloved pizza, gelato, and pasta. Though these are some of the hallmarks of Italian cuisines, there is more the region has to offer and which makes it just the right destination to head over to if you love sampling some of the best dishes in the world. As far as the Italian foods are concerned, what you will find is a rich culture and heritage that has been running in the Italian blood for centuries. For them, the art of preparing and eating food is taken very seriously and whichever eatery you will ever walk into, you will not fail to notice just how meticulous they are in the preparation and the service of their meals.


When you go for passport renewal to the tropical paradise of Jamaica, you can bet that you will be getting more than just the perfect weather, beautiful attractions, rich reggae culture and the warm hospitality of the locals. Of course, you will have a great experience with the fresh tropical fruit juices, but still, there is more when it comes to the Jamaica food culture. For example, a typical breakfast will never fail to feature the ackee which happens to be the national fruit. This will be fried up with codfish oil and served in an egg-like dish. If you love meats, then your carnivorous appetite will find more than it can manage in Jamaica. Take, for instance, the stewed oxtail that is usually served with a callaloo – leafy greens, which you then wash down with a glass of sorrel or ginger beer. The food experience here is more than amazing and you will desire to travel back a couple of times just to enjoy the local cuisines.


Germany may be known for other things, but its prowess in food is highly underrated. Truth be told, German is one of the leading countries in Europe which have very strong food cultures and have an enviable culinary diversity. While visiting this place, you can prepare your taste buds for some of the most exciting flavors you will ever find in Europe. Most of the delicacies will feature stuff like noodles, pieces of bread, sausages, strudels, cakes, and potatoes, which are pretty basic, but the real game changer lies in the diversity in the modes of preparation and how they are served. And you must also not forget about the beer culture in Germany. You can expect to have lots of refreshing gulps of the cold drink from the brown bottle throughout the duration of your stay.


Peru may not pass to you as an awesome destination for food lovers, but you will be wrong to miss it as a worthy destination for such. To begin with, this is the country where you find a huge variety of meats, seafood, and all types of produce. What you will find striking the most is the variation of the preparation of the meals, with one meal having up to six different ways through which it can be prepared. And did you know Peru is the country with the greatest abundance of the so-called superfoods, including lucuma, maca, and quinoa? It implies that the foods in Peru are not just available in great varieties, but also they are very healthy.


It would be an insult to mention the top travel destination for foodies and fail to include Switzerland on the list. If anything, Switzerland is the leading country in terms of hospitality and it is also where you find the top culinary colleges in the world. It is also worth mentioning that Swiss chefs are found in most of the top hotel chains in the world, and these rightly qualify Switzerland as a great destination for food lovers.
One characteristic attribute you will find with the Swiss cuisines is not the variety available, but the emphasis on healthy eating. This means that when you are in Switzerland, you will expect to find a humongous variety to choose from and they will all be healthy options. This is not the country you will thrive in if you are used to eating junk.

Sri Lanka

When most people hear about Sri Lanka, what comes to mind is people riding elephants, or they know a thing or two about sports, then they will think about cricket when the country is mentioned? But this island is equally famous because of its foods. There are plenty you can choose from, with certain signature dishes such as the legendary coconut fish which you must never miss when you are in Sri Lanka.

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