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Published on August 6, 2014 | by Lilly Deane


5 tips to celebrate your child’s birthday while travelling

“It’s my party, and I’ll cry if a want to! Cry if I want to, cry if I want to.” Now, this may have been okay for an adult who’s just broken up with a crazy boyfriend and the friends might be giving this person some congratulatory remarks for dissing him too. But your kid wallowing in misery because he or she can’t have a decent party in a foreign terrain? Now parents, travelling may have been one of your greatest dreams. However, if your kid will be having his or her birthday within these dates, you also have to take this down in your itinerary. Need extra help with ideas? How about trying these party ideas while travelling?

5 Simple Kids Party Travel Ideas

  1. Warm it up at the hotel room. Don’t wait until lunch to get it done. Remember your honeymoon? Breakfast in bed never looked so good. You can borrow this concept too if you want to surprise the birthday boy or girl. Instead of the usual heavy breakfast, add a bit of twist in it. Order a cake and get singing that happy birthday song early in the morning.
  2. Movie time. Can you recall how Frozen took the world by storm? After the movie was shown, every kid you see on YouTube was singing to the tune of Do You Wanna Build a Snowman or Let It Go. Let’s face it moms and dads. Kids are into animated movies such as Frozen. Now malls usually will never run out of kiddie movies. In the first place, it’s why most parents end up in mall anyway.
  3. Costume Parade. Ah, the costume trap. Kids like to play dress up in princess costumes, cartoon character suits and superhero outfits like that of Spiderman or Superman. If you want this to be a surprise, pack the costume outfit in your personal travel bag. When you do get to your destination and birthday comes, just dress up your kid in it and walk the streets of some magical city in Europe, costume party style. Never mind the onlookers. It’s just going to be for one day anyway.
  4. Let them plan it. Where are you planning to take your kids while on the travel? The idea about having a party is making the birthday celebrant happy on this very day. If your child is that kind of person who pretty much knows what he or she wants, then let your kid take part in planning your stops. It may not be a surprise anymore, but at least your kid will be able to remember doing something he or she particularly liked.
  5. Let the place make up for a themed party. Remember how boys or girls like having a themed party? Like a pirate party, jungle theme or the classic girls’ favorite pink Barbie theme? Okay, it may be impossible to have this done in a foreign country but you can still borrow this concept albeit a bit of a twist into it. Ask the birthday kid’s idea of his or her perfect party theme. Depending on what your kid tells you, then include a particular stop that will make up for that grand party. Got a kid with the promise of becoming the next Michael Phelps? Then let the theme be about water such as the Oceanarium. Other ideas include car exhibition sites, Lego lands, zoos or amusement parks like Disneyland Paris


The top destinations may have been the reason why you planned the trip in the first place. But if your kid is about to have his or her birthday, then why not make this too into something that they would be able to cherish for the rest of their lives? And the best part about it? You may get more than just a great view of the city lights from the top floor of your hotel. A warm thank you from your kid could be just around the bend.

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