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Traveleurope’s flights take you to Carnivals around the world

If the Carnival is the most foolish period of the year, what’s better than a foolish way to have a foolish fun? With cheap flights, Traveleurope takes you to all Carnivals in the world to spend your days of great fun.

As the Carnival of New Orleans, which officially begins on February 6 and lasts until March 8, Thursday before Lent. Meanwhile, the city changes and to the endless tunes of jazz, day and night, everybody give their best / worst in terms of madness and irreverence, with free rein to the instincts and losing all inhibitions. The period of carnival is called here, as always, ‘madness’, pure foolishness.

So nothing to envy to the most famous of all Carnivals, that of Rio de Janeiro. Between 6 and 9 March the city experiences the most complete, uninterrupted insomnia. No more “back home” regardless of age, sex and social class. The roads are always a flood of people singing, drinking, dancing the samba – improvised or by years of study in schools of samba, the same who organize the amazing parade in the Sambadrome, the “Passarela dos escolas do Samba”, arranged by Oscar Niemi. To Rio and Brazil, the Carnival is the most important cultural event of the year.

And so it is a few hundred miles to the north, still in Brazil, Salvador de Bahia, where the Carnival does not leave anyone alone. In Salvador de Bahia, there are three crucial areas where the carnival takes place, with parades and celebrations: between Barra and Ondina, in the area of Campo Grande and in the area of Batatinha in the Historical Centre. Carnival in Salvador de Bahia is between March, 3 and 9 and it is famous for the great participation of citizens and tourists, as well as for the party in Bahia, called the Trio Elétrico. This festival dates back to 1950, when the musicians Adolfo Antônio Nascimento and Osmar Álvares de Macero held a concert traveling aboard a restored old Ford.

Even in the Canary Islands, Carnival is a time of great liveliness. The Carnival of Gran Canaria means parades, concerts, parties, with the unmissable events in Las Palmas and Maspalomas. In Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Carnival’s program is diversified depending on location. From February 2 to March 13 in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, from February 15 to March 12 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, from February 27 to March 12 in Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife) and from March 17 to March 27 takes place the International Carnival Maspalomas (Gran Canaria).

The most famous Swiss carnival is that of Basel, which this year takes place on March, 14 to 16. Carnival in Basel is a tradition: it begins at 4.00 am on Monday and closes at 4.00 am on Thursday. On Monday, among thousands of sounding penny-whistles with the music of ‘Morgestraich’, all the street lights are switched off and the only light source comes from a large lantern at the top of the procession. Then, for 72 hours there are only parties, dances in the street, musicians and artists, parades and masks everywhere. On Thursday morning, at 4.00 o’clock all ends with ‘the Endstraich’. One of the focal points of the festival is Münsterplatz, with hundreds of lanterns always on.

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