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Why should a Tourist Tax in Florence be considered outrageous?

According to the City Council, starting from July 1st, 2011 – the City of Florence will introduce the so called Tourist Tax, a useful measure to aid the maintenance of the city, already taken in many large cities in the world.

Any visitor sleeping over night in accommodation facilities in Florence – and for stays up to 10 consecutive nights in a row, will be informed upon their arrival, and they will pay this tax which will help the City to ensure the quality of tourist, cultural and environmental services in addition to the efficiency of public transports.

Florence, along with Rome, has made the history of civilization. Art, culture and famous personalities such as Dante, Botticelli or Michelangelo, have contributed to making it one of the artistic capitals of the world.

From the beautiful squares, with Piazza del Duomo and Piazza della Signoria on the top of the list, the Boboli Gardens, up to the many sacred buildings as the churches of Santa Maria Novella and San Lorenzo, every corner of Florence contains priceless treasures, visited and appreciated again and again by millions of people every year from all over the world.

Anyone who visits Florence is bewitched by its charm and beauty, as you can truly breathe its cultural and artistic appeal, renowned to be a leading tourist destination in Europe and which has its origins in medieval times and reached its peak during the Renaissance.

It is therefore right that, since the city is a cultural heritage for everyone – not only Florentines – also tourists contribute, even though minimally, to share the costs that the city must support to receive them well.

Especially since we are talking about ridiculously low prices, ranging from 1 € to 5 € per person depending on the classification of the chosen accommodation. Also, hostels, holiday apartments, residences, historic villas and farm holiday houses are subject to the new tax. Here are further details: 1 to 3 star camping  1 euro, 4 star camping 2 euro. Hostels and holiday apartments 1 euro. Residences: 2 star 2 euro,  3 star 3 euro, 4 star 4 euro. Historic residences 4 euro. Farm holiday houses: 1 star 1 euro, 2 star 2 euro, 3 star 3 euro. Minors and those who assist others hospitalized at local health facilities, will be exempt from the tax.

Of course, for those who decide to stay in town with the whole family, for a week and at a 5 star hotel, the amounts may well exceed 100 €; but think about it, if in return you get a city even more beautiful, more comfortable and services even more efficient – as long as the promise is fulfilled – don’t you believe that it really would be worthwhile for us all?

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