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Unusual Tours in Rome

In between visits to the favourites in Rome, such as the Vatican and the Colosseum, consider some of these alternative and unusual tours of Rome. Here are my top five most enjoyable alternative tours of Rome.

Imperial Rome: Segway Tour in Rome

Cruise around all the Imperial sights in Rome on this innovative new mode of transport.  You will be taught about the city by a highly knowledgeable guide, combining an educative experience with the fun of riding a Segway. You will visit the most important sites such as the Forum, the Palatine Hill, the Circus Maximus as well as the Colosseum. You will also be introduced to some of the lesser known treasures.

Play Golf in Rome

Make your choice from a great selection of Golf Courses that surround Rome. From the Archi di Claudio which is surrounded by ancient Roman aqueducts, to the Fioranello, one of the oldest courses with views of St Peter’s Dome, to the Castelgandolfo which hosted the Roma masters in 1993 and many other courses you can choose the club where you want to spend your day. You will be picked up from your hotel and brought home again at the end of the day, so all you need worry about is your game.

Appian Way 6 hour bike tour

This tour will give you an insight into ancient Roman culture and architecture. You will also be astounded by the excellent condition of this Roman road, which was inaugurated in 312BC by Appius Claudius. This road, the first major road to the South of Italy is surrounded by many monuments. Stops along the way include the Baths of Caracalla, the Arch or Drusus, the Porta Sebastian and the Catacombs of San Castillo, not forgetting the Mausoleum of Cecilia Metella and the Villa dei Quintili.

Italian Football: Reserve AS Roma Tickets

For the football fans:  see AS Roma in their home stadium! Be prepared for an unforgettable show of Italian football at its best. It’s even possible to grab hold of some premium seats if you order early. Enjoy a tour of the stadium before the game, then sit or stand or jump up and down when you get caught up in the excitement of this amazing game.

Discover Italian Culture: Private walking tour in Rome

You will be taken on a private half-day walking tour of Monti near the Colosseum and the ancient Roman Forum where you will see beautiful little churches and art shops and cafes. After this you can tantalize your taste buds in the café Palazzo delle Esposizioni after which you will be invited to a wonderful classical music concert in a church which is usually closed off to the public.

There are many many ways in which you can truly experience Rome. These are but a few of them. Enjoy your trip and make the most of the vast amount of rich Roman culture around you. Whether it be through a Rome segway tour, a bike ride through the countryside, or a football game; the choice of activities is vast!

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