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Sleep Experience Package: Milestone Hotel, London

We’ve all had times when that perfect night’s sleep has eluded us, often away from home. Whether it’s caused by stress, jet lag or simply being in an unfamiliar place, a sleepless night is something anyone would like to avoid, especially when traveling on business… Around the world, charming facilities are popping out, promising their guests the best rest ever. It’s called “sleep tourism” and it’s all about sleeping well, whether you have a problem with Insomnia or just wish to enjoy something new.

Zen Bar A Sieste, in central Paris, aims to be “Europe’s first nap bar”, where for €12 you can enjoy a petit somme for 15 minutes on a massage bed or zero-gravity chair, with low lights and relaxing music. Moreover, the boutique Hotel Gabriel Paris Marais, has installed a NightCove – a system that emits “soft sounds and melatonin-producing light”, supposedly soothing your senses and easing you into sleep. Lights and atmospheres helping you relaxing: where else if not Paris?

In Switzerland, the medical centre at Grand Resort Bad Ragaz will film your sleeping patterns over the course of a night – from your breathing to the position of your limbs – then analyse them painstakingly, to diagnose your problem. You’ll pay a reasonable £2,270 fee for a night.

However, today we’re going to introduce you to a revolutionary… “brainwave”, in the true sense of the word. The Milestone Hotel, in Kensington, London, recently launched a comprehensive “Sleep Experience Package“.

The hotel management has teamed up with internationally recognized sleep, stress and performance therapist Tej Samani, in order to offer guests, whether traveling for business or pleasure, a one hour private consultation. “Tiredness, burnout and sleep issues are all primarily physical,” says Samani, “Insomnia occurs when the two sides of your autonomic nervous system, the sympathetic and parasympathetic, are unbalanced.”

Basically, guests are fitted with nervous system monitors for 24 hours and, if relevant, sent to bed with a matchbox-sized device that mimics the brainwaves of good sleepers. You tuck yourself into bed, pop in the earphones, and wait for your own brainwaves to replicate them. Please note that this therapy may not be suitable for some patients – i.e. when insomnia is a secondary symptom or side effect of some other diseases.

Think of this sleep-inciting as equivalent to circuit training, including a one hour private consultation with Samani, a treatment at the hotel’s therapy room, for a relaxing massage session with world renowned spa therapist Fiona Keane, as well as soft mattresses, soft lighting, soft linens, all to create the ultimate sleep-friendly ambiance. Moreover, you will also receive a gift bag of yawn friendly items – including an Alpha Sleep pod, aromatherapy oils, lavender eye mask and vouchers for further sessions with Tej – a choice from their pillow menu, turndown service, and a detox breakfast the following morning.

The package is valid until 31st December 2012. Prices start from £813.33 per night (excl. VAT) based on two adults sharing a Deluxe King for one night.

A great effort, to help guests who suffer from insomnia, but not only: a truly dreamy experience. Then wake up, step out the door and enjoy your working or leisure day around one of the most amazing areas of London.

The area around The Milestone is a playground for tourists, shoppers, and art lovers. There’s history, music, science, London’s most exclusive shopping, and plenty of open green spaces. Enjoy!!


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