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Midnight Barcelona, ​​love letter to Catalan nights

The author of this video, Pau Garcia Laita, is first of all a 23 year old boy in love with his city. Pau’s great fortune is that his city is Barcelona, ​​and he is also a young film-maker in love with his job. When you are young, you don’t go to sleep at night, but rather wander through the streets, meet friends, and often stay out until the wee hours of the morning. Just as any boy in love, Pau offers us this love letter video to tell us about his nights as a 23year old Blaugrana. Pau has needed 34 nights to explore the palaces and streets and take the 20,000 images served to tell this story.

This is a story about what happens in Barcelona at night every time the sun goes behind the Tibidabo hill and the last rays are reflected at the center of the Portal de la Pau on the golden armor of Christopher Columbus. Yet as the evening comes, the Agbar Tower lights suddenly light up the neighborhood freeing its people as if to say “the night begins, at last.” And the last look at the sunset can only be from the roof of Casa Batlló and from Villa de Gracia towards the sea along Passeig de Sant Joan. Now that everything is kindled, the night can really start.

The night of Barcelona runs along the Diagonal to the speed of the colorful lights crossing it back and forth, and expressed through the colors of thousands of Pau García Laita seeking the thread of their evening on the Ramblas. But there’s even who still works at night and look out the windows with envy, because there’s such a thin border between day and night in this city that you eventually end up even confusing them sometimes.

The colorful plasma of cars and people flashing along Barcelona’s nights gradually flows towards the sea, towards the harbor, towards the roundabouts and highways, in and out of the centre of the Catalan capital. And it can’t but cross Plaça de Catalunya for a cerveza, a tapas dish or an evening in the company of friends. But just before dawn, it gets back to the Diagonal, to try and stop the night under the lights of the Sagrada Familia, then head to the station for one last coffee. The beat of this colorful world inside-and-out the streets and galleries of the Catalan capital reminds us precisely of the endless path of blood flow in a body.

If you want to learn more about the techniques used in the video and funny stories about the making-of, take a look at the dedicated post on audiovisualmeans.


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