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Feria de Abril in Seville

Seville is famous for its folk festivals and events, which make it one of the most famous cities in Spain. The Feria de Abril – April Fair, is the most important festival of the city, which this year will be held from May 6th to 11th.

The event involves all citizens with dancing and celebrations and represents the background of the most awaited bullfights of the year.

La Feria de Abril is one of the most international and popular festivals in Seville. Founded in 1847 as a cattle show, with the passing of time the amusing vein has got the upper hand over the commercial issue, and the event has now become a local institution. It takes place in a huge field just outside the downtown area south of Los Rmedios, opposite Maria Luisa park. More than a thousand casetas (fake houses made of brightly-striped canvas and decorated with thousands of paper lanterns) are provisionally set up to eat and drink in good company. The result is an ephemeral city that only lasts a week.

The Feria officially starts on Monday at midnight, usually two weeks after the Holy Week of Seville. The big event of the official opening isEl Alumbrao” which includes the turning on of millions of street lights and lamps, particularly in the main entrance. Here you will also find a huge monument, temporary as well as the casetas, which every year goes back to one of the most popular or the most important buildings in Seville.

The Fair rouses inside the casetas. These are spaces where families welcome friends, relatives and guests eating local foods, drinking wine, singing and of course, dancing the Sevillana (typical dance of Andalusia). Outside, people keep on dancing in the street and the peppery spirit of Seville invites anyone to join the party. However, most of the casetas are private and can be accessed only by invitation, although there are also public spaces with free entry. At the information desk at the entrance of the fair, you can learn everything about casetas.

During the festival, people wear typical Andalusia costumes: men wear traditional rural clothing, while women are dressed in flamenco or gypsy costumes. During the day, there is also the so-called Horse Parade, which you can directly enjoy by hiring a ride on a coach. Alongside the area of the Fair there is the so-called Calle del Infierno, an enjoyable amusing park with several attractions for children and adults and stalls where you can sip a drink or get a snack. And then, how not to mention the long awaited moment of the Corrida: every afternoon, people reach the Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza bullring to watch the bullfight. And after a week of fun, on Sunday at midnight, an impressive fireworks show closes the Feria de Abril.

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