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Around Corfu – searching for the best beaches of the Island

Corfu – Greece, is part of the Seven Ionian Islands and is one of the preferred destinations by tourists to spend summer holidays, thanks to the mild climate, the rich and dense vegetation, the wide choice of accommodation and the aptitude of the city itself to accustom over time accordingly to the presence of many tourists.

The historical and artistic beauties of Corfu can be appreciated especially in the Old Town, with streets and buildings belonging to the Byzantine and Venetian ages. One of the most beautiful walks in the city is around the Esplanade Square, one of the largest squares in Europe, the centre of Corfu. Here you can stroll and relax or sit in one of the many cafes along the Liston Arcade, built by the French.

However, the real beauty of Corfu lies in its beaches and in its natural environment. The coast of Kerkyra offers a haven for lovers of sandy beaches, although there are also beautiful rocky bays ideal for snorkeling.

In the north-west coastal area you will find sandy beaches with shallow waters, ideal for families with children; here you will also enjoy the distinctive Canal d’Amour. Here, the beautiful Sidari is the undisputed mistress. This is the most developed area for tourism and lies on the northern coast of Corfu, occupying a large bay and offering several beaches and many facilities and services for vacationers. The main beaches are three, one of which is the famous Canal d’Amour. This consists of a series of rock formations that jut out into the sea, creating some small coves reachable by paths and steps and a kind of crystal clear water canal, creating an appealing Moon scenery, perhaps unique in the Mediterranean. Legend has it that couples who go through the canal will love each other for life.

The northeast coast is characterized by many bays and pebbly beaches to be discovered by boat trips. The most famous beach is Barbati – awarded with the blue flag for its clean waters. Behind the beach there is a green area to relax in the shade of olive trees.

The south-west coast is for lovers of sand and shallow waters. Here you get the amazing Mirtiotissas beach. To reach it you must walk on a tricky dirt road, perhaps this is why it is much frequented by nudists, but it is also perfect for those who like snorkeling, as it has a rocky coastline and clear waters.

The south-east coast, boasts a calm sea, because of the land right in front of it; the beaches are almost all equipped for tourists. Kavos is a long beach, more than 3 km, equipped with deckchairs and umbrellas. There are centers for water sports on the beach in addition to pedal boats and boats rentals, plus a wide choice of restaurants, fast food and bars serving great, international menus.

The coasts of Corfu attract travelers who want to escape from civilization and head for the sea – whether it’s a small beach with a simple taverna, rooms for rent or a spectacular equipped beach. All this is topped by the exceptional hospitality of the inhabitants. After all, even the Phoenicians, ancient inhabitants of this island, entertained and refreshed Ulysses when he stopped here during his long journey.

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