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Top 5 budget-friendly cities in Europe

The Old Continent is most likely on the bucket list of every US traveler. Champagne on the Champs Elysees, sightseeing from the London Eye, Sacher cake and coffee in Vienna, all are trademarks of what Europe could offer. Yet, the Western countries of Europe can be quite pricey and not fit for a young adventure’s pocket. If you still want to experiment the charm of Europe on a shoe-string budget, we’ve prepared a list of the most charming and cheap places. Also, to make the most out of your money, it is not enough to select an affordable city, you should also consider which banks to use when traveling.

Istanbul, Turkey

Prepare yourself for something right out of 1001 Arabian Nights. This vibrant place it is at the confluence of Europe and Asia and you can feel that in the streets, tasting food or while having tea. Its heritage as the former capital of the Byzantine and the Ottoman Empires can be seen at every corner. Discover hidden gems like the Roman Basilica Cistern, taste Turkish delight with a cup of hot coffee or test your negotiation skills in the Grand Bazaar.

Athens, Greece

The birth cradle of the Ancient Greek civilization, Athens, is impressive for its well-preserved ruins, including the Acropolis, the Parthenon and the Plaka neighborhood located at Acropolis hill base. Get an update about your knowledge about mythology by looking at the representations on the walls or ancient pottery. Learn more about democracy in the Agora, the place where each citizen could express their opinions on the state or enjoy some fresh fruit and seafood together with a sip of local wine.

Prague, The Czech Republic

If you dream of Europe as a place with mystical castles and narrow, cobblestone streets and hearty meals sprinkled with good beer, you’ll be in for a treat in the Czech Republic. It has the most massive castle complex in the world and the Golden Lane, a medieval street still reminding of alchemist stories. Don’t miss the 600-year old astronomical clock and the street performers who perform tricks in the city’s markets, much like troubadours used to do.

Budapest, Hungary

This city is so close to Vienna you can feel it in the air. Take a night-time cruise on the Danube to enjoy the scenery and see the major architectural landmarks on both sides (Buda and Pest). The styles range from gothic to art nouveau, so there is a something to please everyone. As a young traveler, after an excellent goulash meal seasoned with an impressive amount of paprika, it’s time to have a taste of the vibrant nightlife.

Bucharest, Romania

Nicknamed the Little Paris back in the 30’s, this Eastern European capital is worth paying a visit if you fancy a cultural clash between the old and the new. You can see the mammoth monument of communism, the Palace of Parliament very close by to an Arc of Triumph and a few hundred hipsters’ coffee shops. The charm of the Belle Époque city is still alive both in architecture and some fancy restaurants, but the crazy clubbing is just around the corner, for a fraction of the cost. Beware of the traffic.

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