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Published on August 11, 2011 | by Andrea Guerriero


The artistic soul of España – visit the top museums in Spain

Spain is one of the most touristic countries in Europe, with nearly 60 million visitors a year who are attracted by its culture and its history. When it comes to art, Spain is without doubt a must. Its museums keep some of the best collections in the world and will allow you to admire the works of the great geniuses and masterpieces of painting. From the Guggenheim Museum to the Prado, here are the not-to-be-missed museums if you visit Spain.

Starting from the so-called Madrid‘s golden trio, formed by the Museo del Prado, the Thyssen-Bornemisza and the Reina Sofía National Museum – home to the famous Guernica by Picasso. All located in the heart of the city, a few meters away from each other, these three museums form a unique cultural itinerary: Madrid’s “Avenue of Art”.

But also other major Spanish cities boast the presence of many priceless treasures kept in world-renowned museums.

Take for example the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. Designed by North American architect Frank Gehry, this is an architectural space created in the service of art, consisting of glass walls treated in such a way that the light does not damage the magnificent works of art that it contains. In this beautiful building you can find, among others, works by artists like Klein, Still, Tàpies and the legendary Andy Warhol.

And how not to mention the city that is home to the largest number of museums ever. There are over 55 museums in Barcelona, devoted to subjects ranging from history, architecture, science, war, sea and artists themselves. It would be impossible to list them all but the most fortunate can try to visit them… all!

The Museu del Temple Expiatori de La Sagrada Familia is a masterpiece in the masterpiece. This is in fact the museum housed within the major attraction of Barcelona, the Sagrada Familia by Antoni Gaudi. This museum tells the history and development of the Basilica, and also provides fascinating insights about Gaudi himself.

Moreover, again by Gaudi, it is worth mentioning La Pedrera, a building that actually is the museum. La Pedrera is the second most visited museum in Barcelona after the Sagrada Familia. And then, the Maritime Museum, which hosts a collection of maritime artifacts found in Barcelona and the surrounding areas, dating back to the century between 1750 to 1850.

Least but not last, the major artists such as Dalí, whose museum is located in Figueres, however, not in Barcelona, Picasso – with works kept in the largest monographic museum of the world, and Mirò who, thanks to his Fundaciò Mirò has reached his goal to make his paintings not only an aim in itself, but something that creates a certain state of mind, stimulating imagination and preparing people for meditation.

A curiosity: the artistic heritage of Spain is much larger than we could expect; the Prado, for example, contains more than 9,000 works in its collections, especially paintings, of which only 1,500 are on public display.

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