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Shopping in London: a wealth of options

London is one of Europe’s fashion capitals, where there are almost endless possibilities to buy in all areas and for all budgets. Starting from Harrod’s of course, a must for anyone visiting the city as well as Buckingham Palace.

One of the most cosmopolitan and multicultural cities of Europe cannot be but a land of plenty for shoppers. Also in the offering of clothing, London lives up to its reputation: even outside the areas of the Chinese and Indian districts, there are traditional and ethnic clothing stores. But certainly the first place to visit is Harrod’s in Brompton Road, Knightsbridge. This store is a tourist destination because there is everything, from needles to antiques, clothing, food, jewelry and toys.

Those who love the ‘department store’ genre cannot miss the Camden Markets, covered areas located between the underground stations of Chalk Farm and Camden. The Camden Markets are divided into clearly defined areas by product type, with Canal Market for vintage items and furniture, Camden Market for leather products and Electric Market where you can still find LPs (do you remember long playing? Those vinyl records which played music?) and clothing from the 60s.

For those who love informal clothing instead, and perhaps used but trendy, another place is Portobello, the most famous flea market in the world. For those who prefer something more traditional, you just have to dive into any of the large arteries of the centre. Starting from Oxford Street, with something like 300 shops, or the nearby Regent Street, where the quality is definitely higher and shops become boutiques. In High Street Kensington there are very cool and fashionable shops, but also bars and restaurants of excellent quality.

For those who cannot give big names and exclusive clothing up, there are Brompton Road and Bond Street, while the clothing of the east is of course in Chinatown, Leicester Square tube station: not just clothes though, but even fashionable grocery stores where you can find foods, herbs and spices that are not found anywhere else.

And finally an overview of other streets where Londoners and tourists can go shopping: King’s Road (Sloane Square underground stop), all the legendary area of Notting Hill – starting from the Ladbroke Grove bus stop, Roman Road in the East End, the exclusive tailors in Savile Row, and last but not least, around the Soho district, where shops, as well as all the life that flows in the district, are very … colorful.

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