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Ready Steady, Pillow Fight Day 2012

Have you ever heard of that phenomenon called flash mobbing? It involves crowds of people doing the same thing in the same place in a huge massive event that brings joy and fun to everyone. Now imagine millions of people contextually attending the same event throughout the world. Well, one of these events is going to happen at the right moment: on Saturday April 7th 2012, it will be time for Pillow Fight Day 2012, a massive… pillow fight in cities around the world!

The largest pillow fight flash mob took place on March 22, 2008 when over 25 cities around the globe participated in the first “international flash mob,” the world’s largest ever.

A pillow fight flash mob has legitimately been defined as a social phenomenon, and shares many characteristics of a culture jam. Members of the urban playground – an international movement of pillow fight events’ organizers – actually ask not to call it a “flash mob”. ‘Massive pillow fights predate flash mobs by at least a decade’ they say ‘and calling it a “flash mob” cheapens the event.’

Whatever, April 7, 2012 is going to be a great opportunity to participate in one of the most exciting, involving, joyful, free events ever set up on a worldly basis – wherever you are on Earth on that day. Use this site to locate the nearest one.

London – Trafalgar square, Amsterdam – Dam Square, Barcelona – Plaça Catalunya, but also Moscow, Berlin, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong etc. These are only some of the cities in Europe where Pillow Fight Day 2012 will take place, at 3 o’clock sharp (in some cities it will start at 4pm or 6pm, check out on the official website.)

For those who know little or nothing about pillow fights, and are willing to take part in the event, here are some useful information to help you enjoy the best possible this experience.

The rules for this pillow fight are pretty straight forward:

1. First and foremost: no violence! Swing lightly, as many people will be swinging at once. Don’t hit anyone without a pillow, don’t hit people wearing glasses (and remember to remove yours before jumping in) don’t hit anyone holding a camera: you can have fun with the 99% remaining mob.

2. Bring your own pillow. Soft, no feathered pillows are preferred – in order to not to get hurt and keep the mess low.

3. Hide your pillows until the start signal

4. Wear pajamas or whatever you sleep in, and, as this is going to be Easter weekend, it would be nice to see some bunnies around!

5. Don’t leave your pillows behind and, if possible, help others cleaning up after the party.

It’s amazing to see how, around the 20-minute point, people may gain their “second wind” and begin forming ad-hoc alliances, charging the middle in forms reminiscent of historical fiction films like Braveheart or 300.

The event is FREE and suitable for all ages. The best way to stay updated on these kind of happenings is through mailing lists, websites, and social networks. And blogs, of course!

However, please note that this remains a… secret skirmish, that is, an unofficial event. People just turn up and do it, without seeking a permit. Police has never arrested or ticketed anybody in relation to a public pillow fight, so just be a happy contender and avoid being the first party pooper in history ;)

Ready, steady… FIGHT!

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