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Nightlife in Seville

When the sun down goes down in Seville, the city demonstrates its Andalucian passion for partying. Seville is a wonderful place to go out, thanks to the great concentration of entertainment places in a relatively small area. Locals know very well how to spend their free time and use to say they “viven en la calle” i.e. they live on the streets – and in the evening there are plenty of spots for locals and tourists where to enjoy the nightlife, la marcha, in Seville.

It may seem unbelievable, but there actually is a method to the madness of nightlife in Seville. First of all, while in winter the bars in the centre and other clubs are the preferred places to keep warm and follow la marcha, during the summer, people usually head to the night spots and the numerous outdoor cafes located on both banks of the Guadalquivir, rather than the terrazas, summer terraces mostly located in the old pavilions in Parque de Maria Luisa, near the Teatro Lope de Vega.

Evenings typically start with tapas and local beer, then the night goes on towards other bars and clubs. The best places for your aperitifs could be Bodega Puente – in the district of Santa Cruz, Sopa del Ganso – in the central Alfafa, or La Bodeguita Antigua and Los Soportales right in the centre, on Plaza Salvador.

The younger and the most merrymaker may enjoy a Botellòn in the middle of the street around midnight, a sort of BYOB gathering where everyone bring their own “equipment” – liquors, ice, cups and mixers – to enjoy the party. After this, those who still wish to continue, can hit one of the many discos in the area to dance until 8am, such as Disco Antiguedades in Calle Argote de Monlina, near the cathedral, or Sevilla Mma, in Plaza de Padre Jeronimo de Cordoba.

If you’re looking for a more relaxing evening, you can choose one of the tea salons, such as Dar El Mehdi Tetería in Santa Cruz or Tetería Yaomi in the centre, which offer teas, juices and pastries in the magical atmosphere of Morocco and other exotic places.

And how not to mention the Flamenco bars, ranging from the more expensive Tablao – El Tablao Flamenco Los Gallos or Casa de la Memoria, in Santa Cruz – with professional performances, to the extemporaneous shows proposed by the traditional Triana bars, along the river, such as Casa Anselma, La Madrugà or Simpecao. Irish pubs, finally, are places where you can enjoy a pint of Guinness or Murphy’s and take in a football or rugby match.

However, as for many Spanish cities, keep in mind that the true nightlife in Seville will start only after about 11pm. Whatever your taste, this city will offer you plenty of high-quality entertainment which, along with the fascinating places you can visit during the day, will make your stay here a wonderful experience.

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