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How To Pack Light For Your Next Big Vacation

Are you and the family heading out for a week long vacation? Maybe you are taking a solo trip just to get away from work. Well, have you ever noticed that when you come home and unpack, you didn’t even use half the things that you brought with you? Just imagine the whole time you were lugging around all this extra weight that you didn’t even need in the first place. Not only is this extra time consuming, but also it can bog down your trip. If you have ever just packed the right amount of clothes or items for a trip, you would truly understand how gratifying the experience could be. Not only will this save you a bundle or time, but also in the end it will make your trip more enjoyable. Below, you will learn some amazing tips and tricks that will help you pack just the right amount of clothes and items for your next trip.

Putting In The Proper Research Time

In order to pack properly you are going to need to do adequate research and planning on your destination of choice. Ask yourself, are you visiting during the rainy seasons, or will it be completely arid? Will there be good clean drinking water that is always accessible? Will the activities that you participate in require special equipment? Will your hotel room provide all the beauty accommodations that you need throughout the entirety of your trip? All of this information will be imperative to packing the essentials for your trip, and most of this information can be discovered easily online.

Make A List

While you’re at it, you should make a list of true necessities. Once you’ve completed the first draft, you should analyze the list. Do you see anything that could be removed? Are there any items that you do not use at home? The list will prove to be helpful for two reasons. First and foremost, it’ll guarantee that you do not forget anything. Secondly, the list will help to ensure that you do not overpack either.

Choosing The Right Bag

The first and foremost important thing that you need to know is that choosing the right bag is imperative to packing correctly. You want to choose a small bag that will not only fit everything you need, also provide comfort during the carrying stages of the trip. Just think about it, how could you potentially over pack with a small bag? It also doesn’t hurt to pack a day bag inside your small bag, so that you can have a small carry around bag for souvenirs and keepsakes that you might collect throughout your trip.

Choosing The Right Camera Or Buy When You Get There

Everyone wants to have great memories and keepsakes that will remind them of their great vacation. With all the technology available in today’s world most people have a phone that snaps photos. So, taking and saving tons of photos on your phone can save you the hassle of carrying around an extra camera. However, phones don’t really capture the essence of a good photo like an actual camera. To prevent bogging down your luggage with a heavy and large camera, you can easily buy a carry strap that will allow you to hang your camera around your neck.

In addition to this, there are now tons of smaller and travel sized cameras available on the market that are perfect for these types of situation. Check out teemusPhoto to view some of these amazing cameras. Also, remember that you have the option of purchasing a camera when you arrive at your destination. Of course, this might end up costing you a little bit more, but it will save you some carry-on room.

Trying Vacuum Bags

When thinking about vacuum bags, you’ll probably think about the vacuum accessories. Instead, you should think about the air compression bags. These bags are designed to provide an airtight seal, once you’ve used a vacuum to remove the air from the equation. They make a great addition to an upcoming trip and anytime you need to pack tightly. Once the air is removed, the bag will shrink to the minimum size. This makes it easier to toss the bag in the overhead or trunk of your automobile.

Buying Mini Items

Miniature items are cute and very beneficial when you need to pack tightly. You might need to shop around to find what you need, but there is truly a miniature version of pretty much everything. There are mini tooth brushes, tooth paste, flashlights, and everything in between. Make the transition to mini-items and packing lightly will be far more simplistic.

Bring Laundry Items Rather Than Extra Clothes

There is no better way to pack less clothing items than to make sure that you are getting the most out of the items you have in your luggage. For instance, you can buy travel size detergents and soaps, which will allow you to wash several outfits at one time rather than packing a single outfit for everyday of the week. It never hurts to wear the same outfit more than once a week as long as it is clean.

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