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Ever Had a #HolidayFromHell? So What Did You Do About It?

What’s the worst thing that can happen when you’re away on holiday? When you’re away, but not on holiday.

With millions of us jetting, sailing, or training it away across Europe and beyond all the time, it’s no wonder this mass-migration travel frenzy often ends in disaster. Broken-down accommodation, broken bones, delayed and disrupted flights — the unfortunate list really feels endless at times.

So what should you do when you finally get back home and away from this nightmare holiday? You could chalk it down to bad luck or another wild experience of life on planet Earth. Or you could take a stand and make sure you are rightfully compensated, by working with dispute resolution solicitors.

Failure to Launch

Aircraft delays are bad enough, but once you’re eventually in the air, you’re well on the way to your exhilarating holiday destination. Unless you’re not.

If your plane does have to turn around and head back to the airport, due to some puzzling in-flight problem, at least you can say: “better safe than terribly sorry.” For those of us in the European Union — and for a while yet, those about to leave — we’re now covered by rules that ensure our rights and compensation for when flights are badly delayed. Plane overbooked and you’re turned away? Same thing. There’s never been a better time to fly within the EU, so it’s always worth doing a bit of research and finding out if your flight interruption makes you eligible for compensation

What a Turkey

Accidents do happen — and a surprising amount of them occur on holiday. What is it about all that sun, sea and care-free air that makes us want to take the most daring of risks on a whim? Whether it’s riding a motorbike in Bali for the first time, to leaping off a dizzyingly high bridge in Bavaria with nothing but big elastic bands around our ankles, we’re suckers for a daredevil thrill when abroad. No wonder so many of us end up in hospital.

However, all these thrills are meant to get your blood flowing, while staying extremely safe and risk-free. If an accident occurs during these activities that was out of your control, contact a dispute resolution solicitor to ensure your attempts to claim compensation goes smoothly.

This poor woman’s holiday nightmare just would not end.

The wait is over. Pick up a copy of this week's Warrington Guardian now #Warrington #WarringtonWolves #News #HolidayfromHell

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Unhappy Families

It’s always exciting for a young family to be gearing up for a first holiday together; all three of you off to see the world, or a tiny bit of it at least. It all went to plan, until Dad ended up in a wheelchair with ankles the size of young elephants, Mum got pooed on (by her infant offspring, and on a plane) and the little one clearly wished she was part of a saner family. A real car-crash holiday for the ages.

Say a Big Holiday Goodbye to Jan & Glenn

What’s that? You’re being so clever by renting a hotel room on wheels for your next big getaway? Think of it: wherever we park, that’s our home. While no-one in their right mind would be caught dead in a caravan (how very 70s), the far hipper campervan is now all the rage, and can even be used as a mobile office. Work and a holiday!

But, if the multi-use contraption packs up while you’re on the road, try not to take it sitting down as your holiday is ruined.

Not. Happy. Jan! #holidayfromhell #RVnightmare #middleofnowhere #southstraya

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Hung Up

Apart from the clothes on our back, the two most valuable possessions we take with us on holiday are our mobile phone and whatever is carrying our cash, be that a purse or wallet. Both are essential to existence as we know it, and both are also a prime target for thieves trying to pray on wide-eyed travellers.

Many of us keep a much firmer grip on our wallet, however, than our freewheeling phones. This can often have devastating consequences while abroad — and result in a holiday from hell that translates into a financial nightmare at home. To avoid holiday disconnection, dial up some preventative action.

Fuck you O2! #phonebill #crazy #bastards #holidayfromhell #beinsuredkids

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Did Someone Say ‘Home Sweet Home’?

Then why did you leave in the first place? (Just kidding.)

Never been so glad to see England in my life!! #pegasus #plane #airline #holiday #bluesky #holidayfromhell

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