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Getting ready for summer: the Thermal baths of Ischia

On the island of Ischia there are numerous thermal springs, fumaroles and mud baths that are widely used by spas and wellness centers to make enjoyable and healthy the stay of tourists.

The island of Ischia is famous for the presence of well- equipped and qualified spas, specialized in healing and relaxation based on thermal waters, rich in beneficial substances for the body. Each source or spring is suitable for particular needs and conditions, as well as the different treatment methods, bathrooms, showers, inhalations, massage, etc..

The choice depends on personal needs, but anyone can find in Ischia whatever they need. The spring weather also helps a lot to make the most of the benefits of health and wellness centers, which can be a good occasion to prepare for the summer season.

In Ischia there are lots of thermal parks or ‘gardens’. In the town of Ischia there are the basins of Fornello (with sources at a temperature of 45 °) and the source of Pontano, with colder, saline water. In the town of Casamicciola there are the sources of Gurgitello, Sinigaglia and Cotto, with temperatures up to 65 °. In Casamicciola flow from the bottom of a dormant crater, also the waters of La Rita springs, while in the thermal park of Castiglione, sources in mythology were dedicated to the god Apollo.

In the area of Lacco Ameno there are the sources of Santa Restituta, Regina Isabella, San Montano. In the town of Forio, you will enjoy Citara and Agnone, protected by the goddess Venus. In Barano, do not miss the Olmitello springs, which in Greek means “rounding off (gall or kidney) stones,” and those of Nitrosi, which in mythology were protected by the Nitrous Nymphs.

Photo by Renzo Ferrante

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