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Best Caribbean Kitesurfing Destinations

There is nothing better than starting a vacation, leaving your problems behind and simply enjoying some quality time off work. And you have picked the Carribean for a new experience. You are looking for sandy beaches, palm trees, a place of adventures for Jack Sparrow and the pillage grounds of Black Beard. Looking for treasures may be a valid pastime, but there are many worthy alternatives.

There are many islands with exotic customs and attractions. A vacation spot like no other, home for many water sports and activities. All with the added benefit of a beautiful, warm climate for the entirety of the year. But some may prefer a more engaging rest. Or a more extreme one, rather.


Kitesurfing is somewhat of a novelty when it comes to extreme water sports, so it may be of use to know what it is. Kitesurfing combines… kites and surfing. Shocking, right? Make no mistake, however. This is an extreme sport; there is always a high chance for injury so caution is advised.

Kitesurfing relies on the wind to propel the surfer. Having yourself on a big wave is no longer required. Kitesurfing also needs a lot of synergy between the upper and lower body to perform challenging ticks. For an untrained individual, holding onto the kite may be a difficult task by itself, so be mindful. Outside of a laid-back, mellow style; kitesurfing has many different variations: speed courses, freestyle events, jumping, wave riding and others. Every discerning vacationer will be pleased. But remember that kitesurfing has a steep learning curve, you will not be able to pick up on nuances on your first try.


What kitesurf equipment is required? Kitesurf equipment usually consists of 3 (three) components: kite, surfboard and harness. This kit can be provided by your local kitesurfing school. Do not forget to get coaching lessons, extreme sport or not. It is never a bad thing to be trained at the activity.

Choosing the perfect spot? Regardless of the island you want, we would urge you to explore and find said place yourself. If it is not an appealing thought and you go to the Carribean with the explicit goal of experiencing THE spot for kitesurfing, We have got you covered. A few parameters to discuss.

When is the best time to visit? The consensus is that trade winds are from December until April-May. This applies to most of the islands in the Carribean. Visiting at any other time may provide light winds which are not sufficient for kitesurfing. Wind conditions are mostly consistent throughout the entirety of Carribeans.

What are some of best vacation spots? In no particular order, your choice may be influenced by closer proximity to the vacation spots or random outliers. Most of these have kitesurfing schools, with experienced coaches. So if you are only just beginning or in need of some guidance, you have the option to brush up on your kitesurfing prowess.


You may also organize a kitesurf camp with a catamaran

Union Island, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Located in the southern part of Grenadines, Union Island is regarded as having the flattest and bluest waters. Two cities are situated on Union Island — Ashton and Clifton. Union Island is easily reachable by plane, since there is a small airport for convenient travel. It is beginner friendly, has a kitesurfing school and most of it is shallow and protected by a reef.

Boca Grandi Beach, Aruba

Situated in southeastern Aruba, it provides soft sand and rough waves. Strong wind is a plus and it is blowing consistently onshore.
A popular choice for any experienced kitesurfer who prefers to freestyle and jump. Warm climate and waters throughout the year. Torrential rains are rare, so expect your visit to go as planned.


The Sweet Spot, Grand Cayman

Located on the western end of Cayman. It provides flat water, small waves and it is a lot less crowded. Has many amenities and conveniences. Great place to visit for your introspective surfs

Cabarete, Dominican Republic

A well-known hotspot for kitesurfers, it is a gathering place for all levels: beginners and professionals alike. Trade winds blow consistently onshore, and no dangerous sea life is present. Most of the pros originate from the Dominican Republic for a reason.

Taveuni Island, Fiji

The town is located at the bottom of Fijis higheest mountains. Flat-water lagoons. Dozens of waterfalls spread across the island.

Also, for your consideration: Maui, Hawaii; Barbados; Anguilla; Martinique and Guadeloupe; St. Lucia; Trinidad & Tobago; Antigua and Barbuda; Virgin Islands; St. Martin; Nassau, Bahamas. Remember, not all beaches are suitable for kitesurfing. Make sure to get some coaching or guidance beforehand, and always strive to practice in a safe environment. Stay safe.

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