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Europe’s top sailing destinations

Sailing holidays are the perfect getaways, venturing out on to the great blue sea into the unknown and unexpected. It is the ultimate freedom and the deep blue water against the dazzling white yacht is a sailor’s liberty.  Europe’s marinas are some of the best in the world and allow you to explore the sea in exhilarating and captivating locations. Here are Europe’s top three sailing locations that hold the most amazing waters that you will enjoy whether you’re a pro sailor or just want to grab some rays on the open sea.

North Wales Coastline

North Wales is the perfect spot in the UK for a sailing trip, the coastline provides waters with a profusion of sea creatures and birds, and there is even the chance of seeing a dolphin or two! There are over 250 miles of coast and a collection of extraordinary sailing venues; you will be completely spoilt for choice. Colwyn Bay has the very popular sailing venue called Porth Eirias and has elite facilities and tuition. Colwyn Bay is a blue flagged beach and sailing instructors are on hand to provide you with passionate and experienced help if needed. With the diverse weather of Wales all year round, you can sail on the Coast in relaxed and calming conditions one day and then it could be a high-waved adrenaline rush the next with winds and airstream, something for everyone.

Nearby to the Colwyn Bay coastline are many luxury caravan parks to complete the perfect sailing holiday. Just a few minutes’ walk from the beach, you can head down to Colwyn Bay whenever you would like and ride some waves. It’s the absolute location for backward and forward trips to and from the beach with the luxury caravan holidays provide.

French Riviera

Waiting upon the creeks and rivulets of the French Riviera are some of the most famous sailing destinations. The coastline stretches along the Cote d’Azur and the surrounding countryside is complete with stunning views of mountains, cliffs and rocks. Saint Tropez is a number one spot on the French Riviera for sailing and you can plunge an anchor into the clear blue ocean under the beautiful cliffs of Monaco. July and August are the busiest months in Saint Tropez for sailing in the warm sunshine, but June and September are also magnificent months to be out on the water, and they are a lot less busy.

Just a short walk away from the ocean, up a few cobbled streets, is the town with plenty of boutique bed and breakfasts and traditional French hotels. With plenty of things to do in Saint Tropez as well as sailing, it is the perfect place to holiday. The small town is a secluded destination that is situated inside the shoreline and is a charming and beautiful location.

Portuguese Marina

Portugal is the perfect setting for sailing with dazzling sunshine, mild weather and complimentary winds. Cascais bay is situated near Lisbon and is the ultimate location for sailing in Portugal. You can enjoy the striking scenes of the Estoril coast and in the distance, you can see Costa Da Caparica and Serra de Sintra. It was also the home of the famous Luís Vaz de Camõe who is known for his epic story of sailing to distant and unknown destinations. Thus, sailing is in this town’s blood and its part of daily life and tradition there.

There are beautiful apartments to stay in just minutes away from the coast that have a unique view over the bay of Cascais and are the perfect locations to experience a traditional and cultural holiday in-between sailing. It’s recommended to visit in both summer and winter months. Cascais is full of European tradition and the town is a delightful destination

Each choice has its own breath-taking views, adventurous goings-on and cultural flavours. So whichever destination you choose to go to from above for your sailing holidays, you can be sure to experience everything you’re looking for with bright white sails and dazzling blue oceans.


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