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Best of Eastern Europe – Top Cities to Visit

Eastern Europe is an excellent place to enjoy a summer retreat. The countries are diverse and culturally-rich, the people are warm and welcoming, and the attractions and places of interest are numerous. There’s something to see and do for everyone one. Whether you’re a backpacker hunting for fascinating mountain regions or a romantic voyageur seeking to relax and enjoy the sun, Eastern Europe will surely cater to your needs. Here are some of the most exquisite destinations you should explore while in Eastern Europe.

Slovenia – Ljubljana

Ljubljana is Eastern Europe’s jewel. Hidden between Ljublijanica River and an alpine valley, the metropolis is a picture perfect destination for avid travelers. The cobbled streets of the city are packed with laid-back students, bicycles, and cafes. The traditional, rustic allure of the streets and warm, homey feel will appeal to people travelling from all parts of the world. Begin your journey with The Old Town and explore the main museums and galleries first; this way you’ll get the feel of the city and you’ll be able understand its culture a lot better. In terms of sights and places of interest, some of the best at Ljubljana Castle, Dragon Bridge, Krizanke – the open air theatre and Lake Bled.


Croatia – Zadar

Famous for its picturesque waterfront promenade Riva, Zadar is welcoming traditional city in Croatia that will surely appeal to your senses. The setting might seem conventional and old-fashioned, but it’s also quite enticing and perfect for a rejuvenating vacation in Eastern Europe. Stop by the Garden Grow Bar for a cocktail, and then move to explore Zadar’s nightlife. The idyllic beaches near Dugi, Pag and Ugljan shouldn’t be left out of your itinerary. Summer time is the best time of the year to explore these places, enjoy the warm weather and admire the natural sights.


Romania – Suceava

There’s more to Romania than meets the eyes. Once a communist country, Romania now offers a wealth of fascinating cities and places of interest. For some insight into the nation’s customs and traditions, you should explore Suceava, a city with an intriguing history and growing travel potential. The painted churches of Moldavia are a must-see. Beautifully preserved and adorned with additional Byzantine art, this place will exceed all your expectations. In mid August, Suceava organizes an event called the Moldavian Furrier Fair. It is the perfect opportunity for travelers to know more about the fascinating customs and traditions of the whole country.


Russia – St. Petersburg

Allow St. Petersburg to get under your skin, and relish in the fascinating architecture of this city. Built from nothing a few centuries ago the Russian metropolis prides with astounding places of interest and attractions. Also known as Venice of the North, St. Petersburg as 342 bridges erected over the Neva River. The historic center is a must see as well; the Italianate mansions onsite, striking plazas and baroque palaces will make your trip to East Europe memorable. There’s always something to do here, particularly in the summer when tourists can enjoy the White Nights. Basically, the sun never really sets thus allowing you to benefit from longer days and bright lights even in the middle of the night.


Hungary – Budapest

Budapest is split by the famous Danube River. On the west side we have Buda Hills, and on the right we have Pest. The architecture of the city is staggering. All across the metropolis you’ll stumble upon Art Nouveau, Baroque and Neoclassical architecture. For some relaxation, visit the thermal baths of Budapest, and if you’re curious to know more about the city’s culture, explore the museums and galleries. At night, the entertainment gardens will keep your heart racing and feet dancing. There’s a 7-day festival in the summer you can’t miss out called Sziget Festival. It is an ideal opportunity for younger travelers to enjoy good music and great ambiance.
Bottom line is Eastern Europe is absolutely incredible. The cities are amazing, the sights are breathtaking and the people are particularly welcoming with tourists. Whether you’d like to have fun at the festivals and live events in the summer, or you’d rather explore the architecture and cultural, Eastern Europe will definitely impress you.

Budapest termal bath

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