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The show of Nature in Corsica: welcome to the Green Island

A true miniature continent, Corsica is a mosaic of varied and conflicting natural landscapes, which represent its tourism wealth. In fact, it is very different from other islands of the Mediterranean. No other land is so lush as Corsica; mountain lakes surrounded by pine trees, bays with fine sand bordered by crystal clear waters, cliffs of white limestone and red porphyry, granite canyons or dense woods: in Corsica you have the possibility to “run across the world” covering just a few kilometers.

In order to protect Corsica’s Flora and Fauna delicate balance, the Regional Natural Park of Corsica, a 3,500 km2 wide area of land and sea, undertakes permanent safeguard actions. 5 Nature Reserves and 1 International Marine Park have been created for the protection of this ecosystem, so unique and fragile. The officers of the Regional Natural Park of Corsica also handle the maintenance of the many hiking trails in the area, which offer visitors a clear representation of the incomparable beauty of Corsican nature.

In addition to the Regional Park, one of the must-see places to enjoy natural landscapes is Ajaccio, with Les Iles Sanguinaires – where during the summer you can take pleasure in lovely excursions by boat cruises departing from Port Tino Rossi, and beautiful beaches – As Plage Marinella, Plage Vignola and Plage De Capo Di Feno, close to the bay and a paradise for surfers.

Another spectacular and popular area in Corsica, is that around Bonifacio, which boasts beautiful natural reserves such as Les Iles Lavezzi – the most popular area for diving on the island, or the legendary Reserve Naturelle Des Bouches De Bonifacio. Over the 70 km of coastline, lie amazing beaches and crystal clear waters, as the Rondinara and Balistra, and the Gulfs of Sant’Amanza, Canetto and Petit Sperone.

Corsica is the greenest, most preserved, hilly and varied of the Mediterranean islands; the Ancient Greeks had already found a name to describe it in all its facets: Kallisté, the most beautiful.

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