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The Atlantic Road – Experience a perfect road trip in Norway

The beautiful Atlantic Road is a long stretch of road that spans 8 kilometers, between Kristiansund and Molde, two of the country’s most spectacular travel destinations in Møre og Romsdal, a country in Fjord Norway. Selected in 2005 as Norway’s most fabulous construction of the century, the road connects small coastal communities, and it features plenty of superb sights and natural landscapes tourists will want to admire. Known as a national travel route, the Atlantic Road has a very interesting architecture too.

Atlantic Road Norway

The roller coaster-feel of the highway, phenomenal views, and curvy bridges have transformed this place into a favorite travel road of international motorcyclists, trippers and avid drivers. It is also a Cultural Heritage Site that will leave you speechless as soon as you get here.

Norway’s Atlantic Road – an introduction

Norway’s Atlantic Road has 8 bridges and it spans on a length of 891 meters. It was in 1983 when the construction started, and everything lasted for 6 years. Officially, the road was opened in 1989. If you happen to be in Norway and you’d like to take a road trip, then you can’t miss it. Photographers from all over the world stop here to get a closer look at this wonderful urban structure. Better known as Atlanterhavsveien, the path offers some of the most scenic landscapes you’ve ever see.

The Atlantic Road

Extremely curvy, the Atlantic Road bends over the wicked waves of the endless Norwegian Sea. A total number of 12 hurricanes occurred while the highway was under construction, so it’s safe to say that no matter what happens while driving, you’re safe and sound. The windling design of the highway provides superb panoramic views of the fjords. As for the driving experience itself, tourists should prepare themselves for the smoothest, most relaxing experience. Take it slow to really have a chance to gaze at the surreal surroundings.

Places to check out while on the Atlantic Road

Along the Atlantic Road you’ll stumble upon many relaxing areas where you can rest, as well as a wealth of panoramic spots. Tourists are more than welcomed to relish at the superb architecture and natural surroundings. One of the most famous rest areas tourists will meet on the road is Elshusøya Island, which is ideally located at the rim of the Atlantic. Particularly constructed for tourism, this place has a minimal effect on the terrain and ecosystem.


Photo credit: Roar Halten / NRK


As for attractions and interesting things you will see along the road, expect to enjoy the most surreal view of the Atlantic Ocean. With a bit of luck, you may even spot seals. The endless highway skips smoothly from island to island. Along the way, you’ll pass 8 bridges the tallest being Storseisundet Bridge. It has the most beautiful and dramatic curve, and it delivers the most artistic perspective into the making of new building bridges. A lot of travelers choose to explore the Atlantic Road in spring and summer; the warm weather makes driving incredibly pleasurable, not to mention that the vegetation is in full bloom.

by the Atlantic Road

As for places of interest you can’t miss out on, we have to mention the Kvernes Stave Church. The shrine dates from 1300 AD, and it is a beautiful edifice that offers the most spectacular view over Freifjord and Kvernesfjord. On the south side of Bremsneshatten Mountain, there’s another spot worth exploring, namely the Bremsnes Cave; rumor has it that it is 10,000 years old. Those who enjoy museums should make a stop by the Kvernes Rural Museum. It has 11 buildings and it hosts a varied collection of cultural items from different Norwegian periods. Open daily in the summer, the museum’s yard is equally enticing and shouldn’t be ignored.

Atlantic Road at night

Norway’s Atlantic Ocean Road is a superb travel spot. The highway is not your average type of route, and on your way you’ll come across incredible sceneries and unforgettable Norwegian landscapes. The zigzags, the bridges, the architecture of the road, and ultimately the smooth driving will certainly make the whole experience worth it. Admire the rugged surroundings; stop to admire the wonders of the Atlantic Ocean, and relish at the abundant fauna and flora.

Last but not least, make sure you bring a camera; you’ll want to photograph one of the most spectacular sunsets in the world.

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