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Shopping at Moore Street market in Dublin

If you are planning to visit Dublin, save some time for a shopping stroll at Moore Street Market, where dozens of traders set up their stalls selling fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers every Monday through Saturday.

Moore Street is a street in central Dublin, which intersects Henry Street, one of the main shopping streets of the city. It’s the place where in 1916 British troops finally forced an end to the Easter Rising, thus making the street itself part of the nation’s history. And indeed, the whole area, here, resounds every day with stories…

Every city guide refers to this street as the location of Dublin’s oldest food market, a fair example of Dublin “in the rare auld times,” worthy of being listed among the unmissable stops of any walking tour of the Irish Capital. The Moore Street Market is an open-air street market dotted with permanent shops located on Dublin’s inner north side close to the ILAC shopping complex.

The Moore Street market is famous for its barrow vendors selling everything from foodies to flowers and cheap jewellery, sportsgear, and other knick knacks. Fruit, vegetables and meat have been sold here for centuries, and morning deliveries are still made by horse and cart, giving the impression that time has stood still for everyone, and people have been transplanted here straight from Joyce’s books.

If you want to share a joke with some “genuine” locals, just head to the Moore Street Market: old-school traders banter away to their customers in thick Dublin accents and the sharp-tongued stallholders give away the typical Dublin banter for free! All this, mixed with a traditional, old-world feel enhanced by the cobbled stoned streets and the seemingly random array of stalls, will turn your shopping day at the Market into a very amusing experience.

Traditional, and quaint. However, a large number of ethnic food shops provide truly cosmopolitan shopping opportunities too. Shops also display a lively ethnic mix, predominantly Asian and African, with dozens of small shops filling the gaps. So at theMoore Street Market you can get everything from bratwurst to Indian spices, from African vegetables to frozen fish straight from the Yellow Sea.

Unfortunately, some fresh produce offered at the stalls may be very near its sell-by-date, so it’s better for you to buy for fairly immediate consumption only. Anyway, Moore Street is a lively and international market but especially a lovely tourist attraction and photo opportunity.

A very non formal way of shopping, great bargains and fun, a place that acts also as a meeting place to exchange news and gossip. A lively place to be and, especially, an ideal opportunity to get an idea about the real flavor of Dublin.

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