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Seeing Germany by River

There are many stunning cities in Germany, each with their own particular charm and attraction. Some boast beautiful architecture that is centuries old, whilst others are ultra-modern, with bustling city centres and vivacious night life. When you are planning a trip to Germany, it can make it difficult to narrow down the places that you want to see.

One solution to this ‘nice to have’ problem, is to opt for a river cruise. This allows you to take in the changing scenery from the comfort of a luxurious vessel and to visit numerous very different places along the way. With guided tours available at each stop, you will be able to learn a lot as you travel.

There are several travel options, including Frankfurt to Zurich, Nuremberg to Frankfurt, Nuremberg all the way through Austria along the Danube to Budapest, Vienna to Nuremberg and many other combinations. Remember that your tour doesn’t need to begin and end in Germany, you can continue down the river to France, Switzerland, Austria and Hungary depending on the river and the cruise that you select.

The Rhine

When travelling through Germany along the Rhine, you can see castle after castle along the German ports and pass by vineyards that produce some of Germany’s most finest wines – predominantly the world renowned Reisling. German ports also include Düsseldorf and Cologne, the latter of which is host to some impressive Christmas markets and has a thriving shopping scene in all seasons. As the fourth largest city in Germany, there is a lot on offer, in terms of cultural history, architecture and the arts. The views of the stunning river banks at dusk are captivating, and include the illuminated Cologne cathedral. Check that your tour allows you to disembark at Cologne and explore the museums, shops and landmarks sufficiently before you set off on your trip again.

The Danube

The Danube is one of the most famous rivers in Europe and one of the most intriguing. Originating in the Black Forest of Germany and ending the Black sea, this majestic river crosses through the capital cities of Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and Serbia in its path. In Germany, it passes through Regensburg, amongst other places. This medieval city is the capital of Bavaria and is worth visiting for its German Gothic architecture. It also boasts structures that date back to Roman times and is home to the oldest restaurant in Germany, called Old Sausage Kitchen.

The Elbe

For a trip between the Czech Republic and Germany, the Elbe will certainly delight. Along the way, you will see the impressive Bastei cliffs near the Spa town of Rathen. The Elbe also passes through the artistic city of Dresden as well as the popular tourist destination, Hamburg. If you happen to visit during one of Hamburg’s popular festivals, then be sure to stop off and marvel at the spectacle.

The Mosel

For an ancient history cruise, the Mosel will take you to some of the oldest places in Europe. The river takes you past many beautiful medieval and baroque castles. Cruises along the Mosel stop at Bernkastel, with its beautiful chocolate box buildings. This is considered to be the pearl of the Mosel with the Market Square being a must see attraction.

Whichever river you decide to travel along will depend entirely on your preferences, but all cruises promise variety, enchanting scenery and discovery; a truly inspired way to see Germany.

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