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Published on July 5, 2012 | by Andrea Guerriero


The Exciting City of Edinburgh

Not only is this city renowned for its spectacular events and festivals, but it also has a great range of attractions suited to all age groups and budgets. Take a trip to this amazing city and truly experience what Scotland has to offer to its tourists and residents.

Top things to do in Edinburgh

The Royal Mile  is a walk that has to be done by everybody who visits this vibrant city. Starting off around the old cobbled streets of Edinburgh and ending up at Edinburgh Castle – which stands on the highest point in the entire city – makes this a walk to be enjoyed by all. The view from the castle is something not to be missed, so make sure you pack your camera! The castle also hosts events and performances including the Tattoo Military Festival which is a great show of bagpipes and Scottish culture. Of course the famous Fringe Festival is hosted annually in Scotland. So if want to be entertained then make sure you get your tickets in time to this special event! Finding affordable accommodation around these times of the year here can be tricky – so why not try staying in a local B&B or an apartment? Many Companies offer private flats to rent at reasonable prices not only in the city of Edinburgh, but also around Scotland.

This city has great shopping opportunities, including a fantastic high street in the more modern section of the city and various other places in the old town. Great for souvenir and gift shopping for loved ones back at home! Many people come to Edinburgh to relax and to discover what this city has to offer.

Things to try in Edinburgh

There are some things that you definitely have to try whilst visiting Edinburgh. The famous Haggis dish is equally loved and despised by many – a spicy meat dish served in many of the local pubs and restaurants in the city. The popular alcoholic beverage whisky -which in fact originated from this country – is enjoyed by many here. You have to try the local brew here in Edinburgh and that includes the whisky, scotch, beer and lager! Last but not least is the famous Battered Mars Bar – the taste is left for you to decide!


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