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Best places to visit in Europe in 2019

Europe, what comes to your mind when you think of this continent, is nothing but pure adventure. Ranging from the scenery, sandy beaches, magnificent ruins that are so ancient, artistic resorts, all blending with the culture, festivals and beautiful people. Here are the best places you should not miss when in Europe.


When to visit Germany

Germany has activities all year round, and the sites are spectacular but the best times to bubble in the country’s glory is during the warm season that is around June to September when the weather is calm and so right for most festivals. For those who like the winter for the winter sports in play.

Where to stay

Wyndham Koeln
  • Wyndham Koeln – If you’re in Germany for hauls, cathedral visits and museum then this is the go-to place, with 24 hr security, service, pet and family friendly environment.
  • Regent Berlin – A perfect 5 star hotel with the best luxuries such as a spa, high class menu and soundproof suites. The best vicinity to monuments, the cologne, the museums as well.
  • Hotel Rebenhof – For country vibes and a vineyard filled vacation this is the place to be. From cosy rooms to spas, steamy saunas and the best local wines in the region.

Places to visit

Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate
  • Cologne Cathedral – Its a Catholic cathedral in Germany, filled with so much history and ancient ambience of happenings from the world war II, to the 19th century and 21st-century structures. The largest St Petersglocke bell, the main entrance view and the bird’s eye views are some of the sites to see. Bishop Gero crucifix which is the oldest and largest in the world, st Christopher statue at Medieval. Then there’s the serene music at the church and the eleven bells at the church.
  • Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate – The gates are said to be what was left from the walls of Berlin during the world war II; the walls were told to divide the east and west side of Berlin. The gate later turned to be a monument that signified unity after the war. The entrance at night and during the sunset are a sight to behold.
  • The black forest – The name is because of the thick woods, mountain range and crisp fresh air. It’s the most visited places in Germany with close to over 160 Km of land coverage. From the black forest open-air museum to the railway, the ancient ski region at Todtnau and the beautiful Baden-Baden spa. Rebstock Waldulm with great vineyard viewings.


When to visit Spain

Spring and fall are the best times to visit Spain, i.e. March to May and September to November respectively because everything is better at these times, the weather, the prices and the festivals. Here are the best places to visit and stay in a while in Spain.

Where to stay

  • Villa Reina – Close to the beach, with indoor games, pools and a great ambience with great barbecue and food will make you find this to be the dream vacation for you.
  • Casa Del Capitan – For privacy, views, ocean and access to shopping all in one this is it. A seaside rock face with patios, interconnected entrances and spectacular ocean views lets say everything in this place is art.
  • Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza – This is like the Vegas vibe hotel in Spain. Close to the airport, pool, private beach club, open-air podium to host high-end concerts with free access as one of the guests.
  • Torre Del Mar – This hotel gives you sea and mountain views simultaneously not forgetting the spa, indoor pool, all sorts of cuisines accompanied by a buffet and flowing drinks from the restaurant all day.

Places to visit

Caminito del Rey in Malaga
  • Hemisferic, science museum and oceanografic pass in Valencia – Find out the marine world of Valencia in this place, the red sea, the mind-blowing city designed of arts and sciences in just a water lily form. Underwater restaurants with all the world’s species of fish.
  • Caminito del Rey in Malaga – Amazing views of flora fauna, rivers, landscapes, ruins, and stories to remember is what this walk has to offer. Tales of the climbers their adventures and Spanish history.
  • Barcelona Hop-on and hop-off tour – If you wish to see almost all of Barcelona in such a short time this is your go-to plan. Stops such as Picasso Museum, get the La Rambla experience for the nights you will stay there, visit the Gothic quarter in the streets of medieval, visit the Sagrada Familia and see the beautiful sites of the largest roman catholic church worldwide.


When to visit Croatia

With the infrastructure being greatly improved Croatia should be in the list of your holiday plans especially during the spring season. It is the best time to visit Croatia. The place is full of historical sites, documented achievements and contemporary culture.

Where to stay

House by the river
  • Green garden house – In need of a vacation that is filled with raw nature and still is homely then this is it. With everything, you need to feel at home such as free barbecue facilities, fresh cooking ingredients from the farm, wine cellars, hiking trails and kids spaces.
  • Ethno Houses Plitvica Selo – It has well furnished dark rooms with exquisite finishing just right for couples in need for a gate away be it a honeymoon, baby moon or anniversary.
  • House by the river – With the right scenery, hiking points, needed seclusion and the best hosts the stay is to be as serene as the views.

Places to visit

  • Giants Causeway and Game of Thrones Tour from Belfast – For the game of thrones fans you get to see the footsteps of your favorite characters in real life. Experience the coastal lifestyle of Belfast and get to see the Giants Causeway.
  • Dubrovnik – Get to be present for the game of thrones tour to see kings landing and the iron throne. Get to know where the battle of Blackwater took place and all the unforgettable places that game of Thrones was filmed at.
  • Makarska – Get to tour two islands and have a fish picnic. Have delicious food and the most exquisite wines with a view of the most beautiful beach you can ever see while in Croatia.


When to visit Greece

Best time to visit Greece is during the warm season so that you can bask by the incredible poolside getting drinks from the pool bar while having fabulous views of Athens. This is probably from June to September.

Where to stay

  • Athens Platinum Rooms and Suites – With the best services, spacious rooms and ambience. Proximity to the airport, Athens visiting sites, and the best restaurants.President Hotel- has the best location and views, amazing rooftops terrace and pool. Has the best facilities to give you a memorable stay.
  • Zenith Blue – Equipped with the best sea view, poolside bar and cosy snack space/ Luxurious rooms, with spas and hot tubs all for better comfort during your stay.

Places to visit

  • Santorini – Get to swim in the shallow beaches, cruise along the luxurious catamaran, have mud baths at the hot springs that are very therapeutic. Get to experience the beauty history and love of the island. Have a spectacular sunset view by the Aegean seas.
  • Delphi tour from Athens – Get to see the archaeological sites and the ancient museums and temple of Apollo. Get lost in the pretty towns and majestic ruins that make up Delphi.
  • Street art – Get to see the deep artistic side of Athens with your private guide i the most legitimate neighborhood. Learn how the art in this region has evolved with time.


When to visit Switzerland

Best time to have a trip to Switzerland is during the shoulder season as it has the best weather and allows you to get enough time to site see.

Where to stay

  • Storchen Zurich – Get unseen views of the river and the old town from your room, enjoy most cultural attractions that are just a walking distance. Get the best services and enjoy happy views.
  • Hotel Balm – Enjoy room services, taste swiss cuisines that are original and great delicacies from the restaurants while you still get a chance to walk to the attraction sites nearby.
  • Seehotel Hermitage – Get the best lakeside views and terraces, and access to the lakes. Mountain views. Get free public tickets for the touring buses to the city.

Places to visit

Mount Titlis in Zurich
  • Mount Titlis in Zurich – Have the glacier experience just above sea level. Have amazing views inside the revolving cable car, get lost in the Swiss Alps scenery, visit Lucerne and ride along the mountainside on snow.
  • Bern – Get to explore the old city and see the ancient sites such as the clock tower that go back to the 13th century and even the ancient cathedral that is said to be Gothic.
  • Lucerne Swiss museum – See the charts artifacts in the museums about all the existing forms of transport. Get into the film theatre through discounts, get to choose your dream car in the car theatre and even report news by yourself. Get the Lucerne experience.

In conclusion 

Europe is a beautiful place to be in at any time of the year. The best time is during the warm season when you have ample time to get the best views and capture those shining moments by the beach and by the ancient cathedrals.

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