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New Year’s Eve in Prague: a great party night

Prague is one of Europe’s most popular New Year holiday destinations, as New Year’s Eve in Prague is a great party night. The river boats, restaurants, bars and clubs are full of people, and the atmosphere is sparkling. As midnight approaches, revelers gather at the Old Town Square and by the river to watch the fireworks over the city.

New Year’s Eve in Prague is one big party. The celebrations are enjoyed by one and all: the young and old, the quiet and romantic, the wild and carefree. There are entertainment options to suit all tastes.

You can choose to dine at a restaurant enjoying fine food, drinks and dancing. Or you can buy tickets for a party in a club or music bar. You can have a snack on your way to Old Town Square or head towards the ever popular Party Boat and Jazz Cruise, a charming New Year’s Eve river cruise through Prague, with entertainment provided by a first class Jazz band.

The popular Party Boat and Jazz cruise is the first choice for serious party animals, as these offer front row seats to the fireworks display in the open air with all the features of a club. Others will flock to Prague bars, pubs and clubs. The Jazz Cruise has run for many years on New Year’s Eve. It proves a very popular choice, and always sells out. So advance reservations are essential.

All the restaurants and river boats time their entertainment programs to coincide with the starting of midnight fireworks, some supplying bottles of Champagne for diners to celebrate with. As what is really important on New Year’s Eve in Prague, is not actually what you eat or where you dance, but where you settle as midnight approaches, to watch one of most impressive firework displays in the globe.

Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Petrin Hill and Old Town Square are popular spots to view the fireworks and soak up the electrifying atmosphere. Another option is Old Town Square. Definitely more adventurous, as large crowds gather in the square and many fireworks could be handheld and fired from people standing right by your side! On the whole it is safe, but only just!

All in all, when the clock strikes 24:00, the city explodes. It takes about eleven minutes: the sky turns into a colorful stage, champagne corks pop into the air, people wish each other a happy new year, the river boats hoot their horns, while crazy crowds keep on celebrating, until the first daybreak of the New Year.

New Year’s Eve in Prague lives by the motto “Go big or go home”, but don’t worry about not being able to keep up with it. Prague is a terrific city for a New Year’s Eve party, so we hope you enjoy it.

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2 Responses to New Year’s Eve in Prague: a great party night

  1. Lisa says:


    I am thinking about spending New Years in prague this year but am slightly worried about the ‘stag night’ reputation of the city, and that it will be lots of young people aiming to get as drunk as possible on the strips! I am 30 and looking for a fun time – I was in Budpest last year and loved drinking champagne all night and dancing on the streets until the early hours, so am up for a party! I just don’t want to be in an environment where it’s just about drinking too much…. Can you give me an honest view on what it is like?


  2. Francy Francy says:

    Hi Lisa!

    Even though Prague, I know, it is known to be the capital of stag night, I’ve been there and I can assure you that this city has a lot to offer you aside from alchool. The New Years Eve Celebrations in Prague are amazing, fireworks exploding everywhere, champagne bottles popping and almost every Prague pub and club organize special New Year`s Eve Celebration parties. You have also the possibility to opt for a dinner cruise along Vltava River. As in many cities around Europe also in Prague there are many guys and girls who have fun drinking too much, but I don’t think it’s the reason that why you should change your destination to celebrate NYE!

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