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6 things not to miss in Stockholm

Stockholm and its surroundings really deserve a long and accurate trip, but if you had the opportunity to stay only two or three days, here there are a number of indications about “things not to be missed”, places, monuments, museums and curiosity to see.

It has NOT been reported, because granted, the walk in the Old Town (Gamla Stan), among alleys, colorful houses, shops of artisans, but also restaurants and bars that in the night give life to the night life of the town.

It has NOT even mentioned the visit to the Cathedral (Storkyrkan) with the statue of St. George, nor the Royal Palace, with the Armory, the splendid apartments and the changing of the guard on Wednesday and Saturday at 12.15, and Sundays at 13 15.

As well we take for  granted a visit to the wonderful Museum of the Modern Art, Moderna Museet, by Spanish architect Rafael Moneo, on the small island of Skeppsholmen which is connected to the mainland by a bridge, which displays, among other,  masterpieces created by Dali, Picasso and Matisse; and the visit to the Stadhuset Town Hall, on the island of Kungsholmen, where take place the ceremony of the Nobel Prize. So the “not to miss things” in addition to the above mentioned, but expected, are:

1. The Vasa Museum, on the island of Djurgarden, where it is possible to visit a magnificent vessel of the 1600. The boat is 95% original in every part, from the hull to the dense set of trees: it sank immediately in his own maiden voyage, just in the waters off the town and only in the 60s was salvaged, restored and placed inside the museum.

2. Just before the Djurgården island, on the Djurgardsvagen street, there are two historic museums of Stockholm, the Skansen Museum and the Nordiska Museum. The first is a open air park-museum that features more than 150 small dwellings of ancient times and Swedish houses and farms reproduced in detail: a small town to visit, where you can walk among the streets, see the craft shops, go into the buildings, visit the rooms, see the furnishings and the antiques, all with the presence of people in period costumes that introduce visitors and show how people lived in past centuries. Less choreographed but surely as interesting is the Nordiska Museum, where the Swedish daily life from 1500 to today is presented and illustrated.

3. Those traveling with children cannot miss the Junibacken Museum of tales, at Kungliga Djurgården. The place, really magic is populated by characters from the stories of writers for children, especially by Astrid Lindgren: here is possible to meet Pippi Longstocking. In the museum are setted up reading rooms and in an internal theatre take daily events for children.

4. Östermalms Saluhall is a typical Swedish market and it is located in the same name Östermalmstorg. It takes place in a red brick building that dates back to 1800. Here, there are the typical products of the Nordic countries such as reindeer and moose meat, salmon and herring: in addition to the retail of  “raw materials”, in many of the shops it is also possible to taste ready-made meals to take away. The structure is very beautiful, with a glass dome to pull the light: inside there are also restaurants, bars and places where simply sit and drink.

5. Another tourist destination is Drottninggatan, a wide boulevard in central Stockholm: the shopping and business street. The avenue starts at the Parliament and arrive until the Vasastaden district. It is near at the central station, both close to the metro and the railways. The places most frequented by citizens and tourists are Sergels Torg Square and Hötorget Square, where in summer beautiful and colorful markets take place.

6. Not to be missed for lovers of weirdness is definitely the ice bar, the Absolut Icebar, in the Nordic Sea Hotel (in Vasaplan Avenue). Here, everything is ice: from the glasses at the bar tables to the chairs. The stay cannot be very long despite at the entrance they provide a special waterproof to withstand low temperatures. Just the time to drink a vodka… with ice.


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