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Kristiansand… the flourishing city!

Kristiansand, often called the children’s city and dubbed “the coolest Rivera” by the media, is a modern city with a cosmopolitan history located in Southern Norway. It is the business, administrative, and cultural capital of Southern Norway, taking the lead in technological advancements and in the export sector of the country. It is undisputedly the fastest growing region of the country attracting professionals and engineers from the various universities around the region. The leading companies in Kristiansand are energy based companies serving either as producers or suppliers to the renewable energy market and the oil industry as well.

Kristiansand has a population of 137,000 and is a conglomerate made up of the municipalities of Iveland, Vennesia, Sogne, Songdalen, Birkenes, Lellesand, and Kristiansand. The city is a picturesque one that offers a never ending variety of fun filled activities. It has made significant investments in research, infrastructure, and most importantly on cultural preservation and advancement making it an exciting place to visit, and even to settle.

Kristiansand is home to so many tourist attractions such as the Dyreparken, and the Odderoya Island. It is the center of popular music and dance festivals such as the Ravnedans contemporary dance festival and Makeskrik music festival and hosts a lot of modern, well located, affordable, and top notch family friendly hotels, such as the Yess Hotell which is located right at the city centre of Kristiansand. Providing maximum comfort for guests, this is a place to explore.

Kristiansand it is also home to a lot of companies such as Elkem Solar (which produces silicon metal used in the solar industry), Agder Energi (which is an energy group involved in the production and distribution of hydroelectric energy, bio-energy, and district heating), and The Eco-Lighthouse which is a program designed to empower Norwegian companies and make them capable of taking responsibility and step up to environmental challenges.

Kristiansand has been a thriving international shipping port well connected to the rest of the world. There have been a growing number of supplies of goods, personnel and services to the North Sea oil industry and all around the world.

Despite its flourishing industries, Kristiansand is a green city where consumers and businesses recycle more than 60% of their own waste while the city’s refuse disposal plant takes care of the remaining 40%, and in the process produces adequate power supply for 20,000 Kristiansand households every year. The city is effectively involved in climate change mitigation through recycling and the use of public transport rather than having a large number of individual owned fume producing vehicles. The private sector of the city is also actively involved in the creation of sustainable development.

The City Council and the industries have made significant investments into keeping the water bodies clean, making the seaside stronger each year. Kristiansand boasts the cleanest city bay when compared to other major cities. Fish bazaars are held yearly as a result of the Salmon filled river Otra which is said to be one of the most important salmon fish rivers in Norway.

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